About Me

My name is Travis, and I used to think travel was something I would do later in life when I had the money and could only afford trips that seemed expensive and out of reach. After student loans, and 401(k)s! I took the occasional domestic trip, but had dreams of Europe, Asia, and far away islands that could cost up to $5,000 in airline tickets alone to get there! My view of travel was always finding the cheapest economy flights on one of the large flight and hotel package websites. Since discovering travel hacking, my limitation on travel isn’t financial but is time off from work! If you want to be able to travel wherever and whenever, without cost being a barrier, then this website and my facebook page is for you. To keep up to date with postings here, sign up for our newsletter to be updated when new posts are made!

When I got engaged in June of 2016, my fiancée Miryea and I quickly dived into wedding planning. As she began looking at venues and caterers, I began looking at places to honeymoon. When she told me about the small island nation known as the Maldives, and showed me pictures, I was hooked. But I was devastated when I learned that getting there can cost upwards of $3,000 per person in coach! And that is before the $1,000 per night price tag for basic rooms at the numerous resorts on individual islands. I was devastated – not only realizing that this was not going to fit into our modest budget, but that I couldn’t see us ever being able to afford to visit!

Then I discovered travel hacking: the art of getting travel for next to nothing. I was skeptical at first, but after a few months of starting out I knew I was onto something that would not only allow me to visit the Maldives for my honeymoon, but make previously unimaginable travel a reality.

Through travel hacking I’ve been able to tour gin distilleries in the Texas hill country for my birthday (courtesy of my beautiful fiancée), enjoy one of the highest rated beaches in the US, and trek around Nicaragua seeing sloths, active volcanoes, and more! I have already booked travel for 2017 to Colorado and Hawaii that has cost me a grand total of $400 including flights and lodging. All thanks to travel hacking.

Travel hacking involves amassing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of travel reward programs points to cash in on cheap and sometimes completely free travel, but without doing the incredibly large amount of travel it would take to get those points. In my first six months doing this, I managed to gather 560,000 points amongst various frequent flyer programs, hotel programs, and bank rewards programs. My goal in 2017 is 2,000,000 points. Throughout this site and the facebook page you can find guides for how to achieve these points, as well as redeem them for specific itineraries, and other tips related to travel hacking.

I’ve spent countless hours researching, planning, and helping others achieve their travel dreams. Although I am still learning many trades of travel hacking, this blog serves for me to share with you my cheap tips for dream trips. For many people it can be daunting – so if you want to see how it affects someone else before diving in yourself, see what programs I am currently working on and their status is in the “My Wallet” page. There you will see what cards I am actively working on, and where I am at with them. To see how my points for the year are looking, along with how this is affecting my credit, see the “Current Stats” page. Yes, I will update my credit monthly for you to see that this does NOT negatively affect your credit score!

If you’ve been involved in travel hacking and are looking to scale it up, then look through some of my dream trip guides to find detailed plans full of my cheap tips to make some of your dream trips a reality. If you’re new to travel hacking, and wanting to test the waters before diving in head first, click on my link above to read my beginner’s guide under “New to Cheap Travel?” In this guide, I’ll first explain in more detail what travel hacking is. But knowing that it can be daunting to get started, I have put together your hacking itinerary that will provide you with a step-by-step process to accomplish a first big dream trip – Hawaii! This will jump start you on hacking your own travel, and learning many of my cheap tips for dream trips. So start there, and follow me on my facebook page where you can message me, comment, and see what other travel hackers are up to! Or feel free to send me an email with questions that you may have.

Hope to hear from you soon!