Your First Dream Trip – How to Travel Hack a Cheap Hawaii Vacation

Your Cheap Hawaii Vacation

Travel hacking comes with a few major challenges. The biggest is putting everything together to get the award trip you’ve been dreaming of taking for pennies on the dollar. The easiest part of getting your dream trip is getting the points. This guide will show you how to get the points needed, and use them, for a cheap Hawaii vacation.

Enjoy hawaiian sunsets on your cheap hawaii vacationIntroduction
Step 1: Cash Versus Reward Points
Step 2: Maximizing Value Through Travel Partners
Step 3: Find and Book Your Flights
Step 4: Book your Room


Actually finding award availability to book is a big challenge. It requires understanding airline alliances, award charts, seat availability, saver awards versus full cost awards, how to search for awards, and how to book them! And this is just for the flights! You could spend months researching and piecing it all together, or you can follow this guide to see some of the ins and outs of award travel booking.

This guide walks you through a travel hacking plan with a goal vacation in mind: a cheap Hawaii vacation. In step 1, I show you what cards you need to sign up for and why. During step 2, I’ll demonstrate how to navigate travel partners and award charts. For step 3, you will learn how to find and book award travel. Finally, in step 4 you will use points to book your hotel rooms. 

By following this guide you can get to Hawaii during the peak season that would normally cost over $5,000* for two travelers for under $1,000. Interested? If you are skeptical or think this is a scam, I recommend starting with my Travel Hacking 101 post to learn about how travel hacking works, and a brief overview of how you can do it too. Then, come back to this post and start with step 1 to begin your first dream trip using my cheap tips!

*Note: Prices are based on travel in July 2017 and are subject to change. All travel based out of Houston, TX.



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      Angel, thanks for checking out the website! It is still a work in progress, so info is coming up as I get it completed. Step 1 and 2 are already up, and Step 3 should be up soon this weekend! Thanks for reading and being here in the early stages of my site!

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