Cheap Tickets to Australia

Prices for Cheap Tickets to Australia

One of the most popular travel destinations that people ask me about is how to get cheap tickets to Australia. Rarely is this possible. Airfare to Australia can routinely cost $1,300+! Today, however, I was able to find airfare to Sydney for nearly half the price it routinely is from my home airport. There are frequent deals to Sydney from IAH for $765 through June, and other airports have even cheaper fares to Sydney or Melbourne. These are NOT one way, this is ROUND TRIP PRICING. If you are looking for cheap tickets to Australia, this is your chance to get there. I don’t know how long these fares will be available for, so if you were planning on going I would book ASAP. These fares do only seem to apply to Economy, however. Business and above classes of flights are running $6,000-$8,000 per person.

cheap tickets to australia for around $750

How to Find More Availability and Upgrade with AAdvantage Miles


Finding more availability can be done on the website of the airlines. I’ve seen these fares primarily on American Airlines and United. Search these websites to find cheap tickets to Australia, and when you do just sort by lowest fares. If you’re curious about dates, use Google Flights or the ITA Travel Matrix to find the lowest fares, then go to the airline websites to book the flights.

$765 cheap tickets to Australia on American

This trip, and most of them, book in the discount ticket class “O.” This means you can upgrade to business class for 25,000 miles and $350. Seeing how the cheapest miles one way to Australia on American Airlines flights is 40,000 in economy or 80,000 miles in business one-way, this is a great deal. You are paying approximately $1,300 and 50,000 miles to get to Australia and back in business class, which would normally cost you a minimum of 160,000 miles.

With the miles you are saving, you are saving nearly enough for a round trip business class flight to Europe, South America, or Asia 1 (Japan/Korea). If you have the opportunity to take advantage of these cheap tickets to Australia and want to upgrade to business class, I would highly recommend it. You can really stretch your AAdvantage miles farther by doing this. You are getting either one completely free business class flight to Australia, or for $1,300 you can get one business class flight to Australia and Europe, South America, or Asia 1 for the same amount of points.

Using Points for Economy


If you don’t want to spend money for these cheap tickets to Australia, there is another way to get there using points. While many people have points sitting in airline specific plans, this would be a great use of Merrill+ points, or Chase UR points.

Merrill+ points are worth 2 cents per point, up to $500, and 1 cent per point after that. If you can find some of the lower fares (which are in the $500 range!) from your airport, you could get these cheap tickets to Australia round trip for near 25,000 Merrill+ points!

Since most people I know don’t have the Merrill+ card from Bank of America, there is another option using Chase Ultimate Rewards. If you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve you can get 1.5 cents per point. With flights this cheap, it makes a lot more sense to use Ultimate Rewards instead of transferring to partner airlines. At 1.5 cents per point you can get a round trip ticket to Sydney from Houston for 50,000 ultimate rewards. You will be hard pressed to find this value through any travel partners while flights are this cheap.




You can get cheap tickets to Australia in economy for around 30,000 Merrill+ points, 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards, or $750 in cash. This is nearly half the normal cash price, which makes for a great value. You can also upgrade by paying about 50,000 AAdvantage miles + the normal ticket price of about $1,300. This is a great redemption of cash and points for a business class flight.

This deal may not last long, so if you need help booking it or want me to find flights for you, feel free to send me an email at for a quote on my booking service. I’ll do all the leg work for you, and you won’t pay until the booking is complete.


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